Marketing Resolutions 2018 at OSU-Tulsa, February 23

Date: February 23, 2018

Time: 9:00 am

It’s a new year, a clean slate, an opportunity to start fresh or reboot. What are your marketing resolutions for 2018? Join SMPS Oklahoma as we dig into three areas that can help you and your firm use your brand to determine strategic and pursuit direction, get ahead of the game on pursuits, and the best approach to teaming for both prime and sub consultants. 
Session 1. One Wrong Project Ruins Your Brand. Over the past ten years, when work was slow, many firms took every job they could get. This approach helped some firms stay in business, yet hurt their brand perception in the marketplace when the economy improved. The session explores the importance of living your brand promise and the importance of using your brand as a filter for the projects you choose to pursue. Drawing on both practical experience and theoretically, attendees learn how to keep a brand strong, even in the face of adversity.
Session 2: Pursuit Management. Really getting ahead of the game, doing your homework before the RFP hits, understanding the pursuit better than anyone else – resolutions marketers and seller/doers make each year. But what does it really mean, what shape does pursuit planning take? The session covers some basic forms and templates attendees can take back to organize thoughts, dig deeper, and help their teams know more and be better prepared when the RFP hits. 
Session 3: Teaming Rules — Writing the Rules. Working from primary research, professional marketers identified what works – and what doesn’t — for teaming. The survey delivers draft “rules” for teaming, setting the stage for this event. During this session, a panel of prime consultant marketers and subconsultant marketers from Oklahoma walk through the survey and, together with the audience, writes the rules! Draft rules are created LIVE and emailed at the close of the session.


700 N Greenwood Ave
North Hall Building Room 250
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74106



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