Forward Thinking in the Wireless World


Forward Thinking in the Wireless World

by Amy Lignor

The demands and needs of today’s “wireless world” is constantly changing and must be met with forward thinking companies to enhance service now as well as in the future. Upon reviewing one such company, Airborne Wireless Network (AWN), you are learning more about a company that is, quite literally, creating a virtual “super-highway in the sky” to surpass the markets expectations to meet these demands.

Airborne Wireless Network’s concept is actually brilliant and simple. By utilizing commercial aircraft, as both receivers and routers, a meshed network of digital communication is created – the likes of which has never been seen. The system is easy to first install and execute with airline partners, but can be upgraded and serviced efficiently as well.

First it is important to understand the on-board hardware that will be installed on an airplane to create the “meshed network”.  The hardware will be able to support aircraft to aircraft awareness and real-time monitoring of the system. All participating aircraft in the Airborne Wireless Network, will have the ability to provide all the positions of the aircraft within a centimeter accuracy!  Once this incredible “Infinitus Super-Highway” is up and operational, it will have the potential to improve the situational awareness of the “Avionics for NextGen Mandate” the aviation community has strived to achieve.

The importance of the “Avionics for NextGen Conference” is key for recognizing current and future technologies that will enhance the aviation community. The conference brought together hundreds of professionals and leaders from the aviation community. A key goal was to take an in-depth look into the technical aspects of NextGen and offer valuable perspectives on how NextGen standards are determined and can be achieved, with these key aviation professionals coming together, they were able to explore the technologies driving the future of aviation. Virtually all aspects of aviation were addressed, including equipment requirements, solutions to challenges that arise with the implementation of NextGen technology and much more. Also, a close examination of the ability of different aircraft types to comply with the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) In and Out mandates, which is exactly what the “Infinitus” fully-meshed network in the sky will achieve.

The reasoning behind the “Infinitus Super-Highway” is a great deal like the principle behind the often-used, Occam’s razor. The simplest answer and solution to a problem is usually the right one. Airborne Wireless Network has done just that. The future is here today!

By installing small, lightweight equipment in airplanes to send signals that can be picked up and retransmitted by other planes, makes for a network that is easy to use, provides better service, easy to implement, maintain and eliminates problems.

Airborne Wireless Network’s “proof of concept” flights proven and provided valuable data regarding the potential of the network. Test flights proved high-speed data could be sent successfully from aircraft-to-aircraft, aircraft-to-ground, and vice versa, proving that the creation of the “Infinitus Super-Highway” is more than viable.  By using this airborne “meshed network”, aircraft location can be pinpointed, allowing all aircraft to share vital flight-data. Plus, with Airborne Wireless Network using aircraft world-wide at one time, this execution would create over 35,000 “satellites” crossing the globe at all times.

Simply stated, Airborne Wireless Network and their “forward thinking” in the world of digital technology is unmatched.

To learn more about Airborne Wireless Network, partners, programs and examine additional data regarding the superior benefits this new “superhighway in the sky” will deliver today and in the future, visit



Original Source: Baret News



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