Airborne Wireless Network Generating Income


Airborne Wireless Network Generating Income

by Making Sure Data Traffic Never Gets in a “Jam”

by Amy Lignor

The Airborne Wireless Network (AWN) is a “visionary” company that is expanding the boundaries of broadband capabilities and expanded service.  With dedication, passion, and creativity, they have managed to create a true ‘super-highway in the skies’ that will allow for businesses and partners alike to generate more income on a daily basis by providing a superior service as well as a better user experience.

With technology today, the minute something “new” comes to market, typically within a very short period of time, it is basically obsolete, with the next “new” technology idea taking its place. However, with Airborne Wireless Network, providers will be able to increase their profits, provide better service and easily maintain the system with a virtual airborne worldwide web. This “new technology and idea is one that will never become obsolete and will change the face of business, technology, and security in the coming years.

How will this be accomplished? Simple. A quick review of the ‘core’ features of the Airborne Wireless Network fully meshed network is needed.  While current technologies only allow for a single-path solution, this airborne super-highway offers multiple paths to provide more reach, better service and service providers a profitable business model.

Currently, a single-path network only provides one way for a signal to travel. If this path is interrupted, the communicating system fails We have all experienced dropped calls or issues with WIFI service.  However, in a fully meshed network, signals come from multiple directions. In the event “one” signal is lost from a single source, service is not interrupted because there are multiple “signals” being used at the same time.

How does it work?  Airborne Wireless Network’s system is set up by using aircraft in the sky to relay messages to one another and throughout the world as they fly to a multitude of destinations thus allowing multiple signals to come from many different directions. The system has the ability to route signals around any “obstructions” that disturb normal transmissions, so “real-time connectivity” is maintained at all times. Simply stated, this means data is constantly on the move and has a variety of paths to choose from to maintain connectivity and is no longer relegated to just one. No more “data traffic jams.”

Besides mechanical problems which constitute “single points of failure,” current data delivery technology such as satellites and fixed-point ground stations, can all be affected by heavy rain and inclement weather. The “right size” rain drops can completely absorb or block a radio signal. Airborne Wireless Network is not impacted by these issues and provides a solid “broadband” path, regardless of the presence of any weather systems at any time.

This is the first and only true airborne broadband pipeline, for worldwide broadband carrier services, using commercial aircraft. The aircraft is used as “mini-satellites,” offering worldwide data and communications service providers with a new, better way of communication.

The simplicity of the concept is genius. Being able to have a system that is not only easy to first install and implement, but also will be easy to upgrade and service so that the normal “problems” that regularly occur are deleted. Basically, “plug and play” modules can be updated in a very quick manner to maintain, upgrade and repair services easily.

For partners, investors and businesses, the Network stops the need to potentially spend hundreds of billions of dollars to keep expanding communication infrastructure.

The Bottom Line.  Partners have the ability to enhance service and make more profits.  It’s simple really. If you were flying your plane from New York to Paris and could provide a better broadband service in route as well as being paid to do so, why wouldn’t you do it?  With an airline consisting of hundreds of planes flying in a given day, the financial benefits, in addition to the enhanced service they provide, will yield a better “bottom line” for partners. Easy concept, simple implementation, and profitability.

The confirmation of this Infinitus Super-Highway has been shown with “proof of concept” flights, allowing high-speed data to be sent successfully from aircraft-to-aircraft and aircraft-to-ground. By using aircraft, businesses are looking at having up to 35,000 “satellites” crossing the global skies between 8,000 and 50,000 feet, which allows each plane to relay data and keep the entire network up and running. Airborne Wireless Network has created a “meshed network” for broadband service unsurpassed by any in today’s market.!

Learn more about the exciting technology, growth and enhanced service from Airborne Wireless network today by visiting Airborne Wireless


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